January has been a very busy month for us in the Infant class, and we've had to adapt to a new way of working with everyone at home! In English, we have been exploring traditional tales, creating our own stories based on The Elves and the Toymaker. Our Reception children have been super creative in retelling the different stories and completing activities linked to these, such as creating Wanted posters for the Hansel and Gretel witch and planning a Fairytale Ball birthday party for Cinderella! Year 1 and 2 have been brilliant builders, finding the best materials to build a wall by investigating their properties - we used new vocabulary such as 'absorbent' to explain our results. In History, we have been focusing on toys, and have thought about how toys have changed over the years. We looked carefully at the materials used to make different toys to help us decide whether they were modern or from a long time ago.