Exploring Magnets

In Science this term, Year 3/4 have been exploring magnets and learning how a magnetic forces can affects other materials. In the children’s Science session this week we talked about the poles on a magnet and used the scientific vocabulary ‘attract’ and ‘repel’ to explain what was happening during…

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Performance Poetry

At the beginning of this week, in our English, the children have started looking at a piece of poetry linked to the theme ‘Animals’. We have been reading a poem based on the musical story ‘Peter and the Wolf’. The children have spent time learning how to perform this poem using lots of expression…

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PE Teamwork Task and Skills

This term in PE we have been developing our teamwork skills through different challenges.

Week 1: Yesterday, we were ‘Sheep and Shepherds’. The children’s challenge was to work together to help move the ‘sheep’ into a pen. To create further challenge, our ‘sheep’ were blindfolded and the…

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