Stay active with Mrs Greenbank's video challenges.

Watch and join in!

Week 1:

Challenge 1: Monday 20th April

Challenge 2: Tuesday 21st April

Challenge 3: Wednesday 22nd April

Challenge 4: Thursday 23rd April

Challenge 5: Friday 24th April

Week 1 Completed - Well Done Everyone!

Week 2

Challenge 6: Monday 27th April

Challenge 7: Tuesday 28th April

Challenge 8: Wednesday 29th April

Challenge 9: Thursday 30th April

Challenge 10: Friday 1st May

Week 2 Completed - Keep up the hard work!

Week 3

Challenge 11: Monday 4th May

Challenge 12: Tuesday 5th May

Challenge 13: Wednesday 6th May

Challenge 14: Thursday 7th May

Challenge 15: Friday 8th May (Please either share you videos and photos in our 'Let's Get Active' Facebook Group or send them via email to

Week 3 Completed - You're Active Champions!

Week 4

Challenge 16: Monday 11th May

Challenge 17: Tuesday 12th May

Challenge 18: Wednesday 13th May

Challenge 19: Thursday 14th May

Challenge 20: Friday 15th May

Week 4 Completed - Super Effort Everyone!

Week 5

Challenge 21: Monday 18th May

Challenge 22: Tuesday 19th May

Challenge 23: Wednesday 20th May

Challenge 24: Thursday 21st May

Challenge 25: Friday 22nd May

Week 5 Completed - Another big effort from so many!

No challenges over the half term - Please feel free to keep emailing photos or videos of you all being active and enjoying the outdoors.

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