Our Christian Values and Distinctiveness, alongside our School Mission Statement of ‘Learning, Growing and Inspiring through God’s Love and Grace’, are at the heart of our curriculum and all that we do at Samlesbury.


Our Computing curriculum aims to equip children to use computational thinking and creativity, to understand and change the world. We intend to motivate and inspire children through lessons that engage and challenge all learners.

Our curriculum is designed to deepen knowledge and develop skills, ensuring effective progression within each aspect of Computing, across all year groups and classes.


In Computing, we implement an inclusive curriculum that meets the requirements of the National Curriculum.  Our curriculum is well-planned and provides cross-curricular opportunities.

The Computing Curriculum has three strands: Computer Science, Digital Literacy and Information Technology. Children develop their knowledge and skills in these areas. They are taught the fundamental principles and concepts of computer science, including physical programming, debugging, logical reasoning, online searches and content, multimedia, digital content and data handling, algorithms and digital literacy.

Children analyse problems in computational terms and have practical experience of writing computer programs, in order to solve problems. They evaluate and apply information technology, including new or unfamiliar technologies. By instilling creativity and enthusiasm in our children, learning can be extended by accessing a range of software at home.

It is vital that children develop research, investigational and many other cross-curricular skills during their studies. The computing curriculum is a fun, exciting and dynamic subject, where children learn to use a range of programs, thinking skills and a wide variety of new and innovative equipment.

Our curriculum is delivered through highly effective ‘quality first teaching’. Children have dedicated computing lessons in our computing suite and they are taught computing skills across other curriculum areas.  Enrichment opportunities, including inspirational visitors and working within the community, provide our children with rich experiences and enhance teaching, learning and knowledge.

Our Computing curriculum promotes children’s Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development, ensuring that they are reflective and responsible citizens. Fundamental British Values are actively promoted in Computing lessons in order to prepare the children for life in Modern Britain.


Our Computing curriculum enables children to become both users and creators.  Across all phases of the school, children understand algorithms and programming and how this all fits into our digital world. 

We pride ourselves on using and implementing new and innovative technologies to prepare children for the ever–changing digital world we live in, whilst embedding the safe, respectful and responsible use of technology, recognising both acceptable and unacceptable online behaviour and identifying a range of ways to report concerns about content or contact.

Children are responsible, competent, confident and creative users of information and communication technology.


Click here to see the National Curriculum for Computing


Curriculum Overview

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