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14 January 2022

Emerging Electrical Engineers

This week we have been learning about Edith Clark in Science. she was a pioneer in this field and was inducted into the engineering Hall of fame posthumously (after her death). She was instrumental in designing and building the Hoover Dam in The United States of America. We were inspired and crea...

13 January 2022

Freestanding structures

We are exploring freestanding structures in our DT topic this half term.  Our challenge this week was to create a bridge that could support the weight of a toy car, using just 8 pieces of A4 paper and sellotape. We had to think about how we could change the shape of the paper, for exam...

7 January 2022

A Sense of Place

Braving the cold weather, years 5 and 6 ventured outside with their view-finders to help them sketch settings and patterns around the school’s exterior.

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