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17 June 2021

Walk Thru the Bible

We made it through thousands of years of Biblical history in chronological order. James came in to help us learn what happened and when it happened (the Bible is not written in chronological order). Over the course of 6 hours, we went from creation Christ’s birth at the beginning of the New...

10 June 2021

I’m a survivor: a visit from John the bug guy

Today we had an interesting visit from John (the bug guy). He told us all about different bugs and how they survived, even in the harshest conditions. We learned you can find snails everywhere on the planet; tardigrades (water bears) are indestructible; stick insects are all female and essentiall...

10 June 2021

Our Visit to Church

As part of our RE topic this half term. we visited church to identify the different features and think about what makes a church such a special building for Christians.  We discussed what we could see and were particularly interested in the beautiful stained glass windows - we recognised ...

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