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14 May 2021

Egyptian Day

Wow! What fantastic Egyptians Years 3 & 4 make! The children looked fantastic and we had a brilliant day exploring all sorts of Egyptian things, from mummifying tomatoes to finding out about hieroglyphics then writing our own cartouches to creating scarab beetles. We've also done mor...

12 May 2021

Exploring Magnets

In Science this term, Year 3/4 have been exploring magnets and learning how a magnetic forces can affects other materials. In the children’s Science session this week we talked about the poles on a magnet and used the scientific vocabulary ‘attract’ and ‘rep...

28 April 2021

SCARF visit

Today we had a visit from SCARF. We learned about things we need, not only to survive physically but also to keep us mentally healthy. She told us about the physical effects cigarettes and alcohol can have on our bodies, but we should not feel pressured to use them—it’s our choic...

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