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20 April 2021

PE Teamwork Task and Skills

This term in PE we have been developing our teamwork skills through different challenges. Yesterday, we were ‘Sheep and Shepherds’. The children’s challenge was to work together to help move the ‘sheep’ into a pen. To create further challenge, our ‘sheep&r...

16 April 2021


We have been exploring instruction writing in English this week. Mrs Quayle started by giving us all instructions to make a 'Thing-a-me' which led to us making some very strange creations because the instructions were so badly written! Thankfully, we have since followed some well writ...

26 March 2021

All things Scandinavian

It has been so great seeing everyone back in school! In Geography, we have been learning about the different Scandinavian countries (Norway, Sweden and Denmark). In order to find out a plethora of interesting facts, we had a scavenger hunt. Miss Webster hid fact cards outside; we had to find the ...

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