Samlesbury School aspires to be a Christian foundation that values and respects every member of its community. The teaching of Christianity represents our core values. We strive to guide  the  children  towards  care  and  respect  for  themselves, their fellows, their families and the world they live in.  We  know that education is part of a partnership of child, home and school and we do all we can to foster this partnership.

At Samlesbury School we try hard to be a happy, stimulating school that helps children recognise the richness of life and in which all the members of the family of the school feel welcome and cared for. We pursue excellence wherever it may be found in the abilities of our children and in the talents of our teachers. At the same time we value our children equally whilst acknowledging that some need greater support than others do at times in their lives. We celebrate their characters and achievements.

We endeavour to create a safe, facilitating environment with the best possible resources to meet the aspirations of our children and teachers.

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