Our Teacher is Miss Gill

Our PPA cover teachers are Mrs Sutton and Phil (our sports coach from PJ Sports)


Spellings Lists and learning information will be found in our shared class folder until everyone is back in school--if you have any questions, or want to share your amazing learning, email Miss Gill. 



This term our topic is Ancient Earth.

We will be looking at the Ancient Greeks and how their lives have affected what we do today in many different ways. We will be looking at what Greek life was like, how Athens became so powerful, the Battle of Marathon, democracy, gods and goddesses, the Olympics and the Trojan War.What differences and similarities have you found between the Ancient Greeks and modern-day UK? In art, we will be sketching and designing Greek vases. Below are some useful links:

BBC Bitesize videos

Nat Geo Kids

Ancient Greece for Kids


In RE, we will be looking at people's ideas about God. We will be exploring what the Bible says, exploring the impact of people's views of God and making connections on how this affects people's lives. We will also think about what names do faiths, other than Christianity, give to God. We will be thinking about the following key questions:

  • What words would you use to describe God?
  • What is the nature and character of God?
  • How is it possible for God to be visible and yet invisible?
  • Where is God and how old is God?
  • Does God really know everything?


In science, this half term, we will be looking at the circulatory system and how it is so important. We will be making 'blood' smoothies, looking at the heart and the what is involved in the circulatory system, becoming nutrient detectives, and we will also be looking at what makes a healthy lifestyle and the affects drugs and alcohol have on the body. Below are some useful links:

Kid's Health

BBC Bitesize videos

Kiddle--Circulatory System







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