Our Teacher is Miss Gill

Our PPA cover teachers are Mrs Sutton and Phil (our sports coach from PJ Sports)


Homework will be assigned on Friday to be due in on a Wednesday. If you have any questions, or want to share your amazing learning, email Miss Gill. 



This term, our topic is Invasion!

In History, we will be looking at the Vikings and examining if they really deserved their reputation. Following on from History, in Geography, we will look at modern Scandinavia (where the Vikings originally came from). In DT, we are creating automata toys on a Viking theme and in Art we will be looking at Viking artefacts and creating our own Viking jewellery out of clay.


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Amazing Automata

This month, 5/6 have been working incredibly hard on our automata both at home and in school! Over the course of the half term, we have built up enquiry and skills: looking at automata and figuring out how they moved; examining cams and followers to see different movements; designing our automata, to scale (Miss Gill was incredibly impressed), and finally making our final product. It was a long process to go through, but our final Viking Automata are amazing. There was fantastic individual and teamwork from everyone; it was lovely to see the whole class trying to help each other out and troubleshoot problems at home and in school. Take a look at some photos of our final products.



January Update

It has been a very different start to this Spring term. It was lovely to see all the children back in school on the first Monday. Since then, we have been working hard both in school and online and have made a fantastic start to our work. 

We have been looking at Sherlock Holmes and his 'partner-in-crime', Dr. John Watson. As well as looking at London as it would have been during Queen Victoria's reign and creating wonderful setting descriptions using time-appropriate language, we also looked into Sherlock's office and began work on superb character descriptions for our sleuth and his sidekick.

Historically, we have been looking at the Vikings and asking many questions such as: did the Vikings really deserve the repuataion they had as vicious pillagers or was that a rather one-sided opinion? In examining this question, we discovered most of the historical accounts from the time period were written by monks (one of the few groups of people who could write during those times) and they were the ones the Vikings stole from! An interesting twist on the historical accounts!

In RE, we have been looking at women in the Old Testament and seeing what we can learn from them. From Hannah, we learned about the importance of prayer and how we can ask God for lots of different things; we also learned it is ok to 'pester' God with our requests--just like Hannah. Jochabed (Moses' mother) taught us about having courage, being brave under hard circumstances, and making hard choices. Miriam also taught us about being brave when she went up to talk to Pharaoh's daughter to tell her about baby Moses; also, when she was older about worshipping God in dance as well as song.

Incredible effort has gone into DT at home and in school! We have been learning about automatons, which use cam mechanisms with followers. So far, we have been investigating different types of cams and how they make their followers move. Those working at home have been marvellously creative during our cam investigation. Instead of lolly sticks we had straws, pieces of cardboard and even pencils and instead of split pins, we had nails, hairpins, pens or pencils and even more lolly sticks!


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