Dear Parents/Carers, 

As you will all be aware, the Corona Virus is becoming more widespread and there is a range of information being reported via news channels and social media. 

School has a risk assessment in place and is available on the school website if you would like to read it for yourself. It contains a range of measures which we are taking to reduce the risk of spreading the virus and what school would do in the case of someone having the virus or school having to close. These measures are in line with advice from the the Department of Health and local authority. 

All trips and visits outside of school will be suspended in the short term and will be reviewed in the longer term. Provisional dates for the Y5/6 London trip for example, will be made but bookings will not be confirmed for these until it is clear that the risk is significantly reduced. Where there are larger gatherings and events such as the Beetle Drive, which is coming up, these will be reviewed and postponed if necessary. I've been in contact with FOSS and an update on whether this event be held will follow shortly. If school has to close then (as per the risk assessment) staff would prepare packs of work to send home to complete and with the permission of parents, email appropriate work for pupils to complete at home. Exercise books, pencils etc.. would be provided for children to take home to complete work in. 

At the moment, parents evening will still take place but we will arrange for parents to wait in the hall where they can sit at least 1m away from other parents to reduce contact as a precaution. Your child's books will also be in the hall. The class teacher will come into the hall to ask for the next appointment. Please do keep your children in the hall with you if you do need to bring them. 

If the situation changes we will inform you as soon as possible. 

I hope that this reassures you as to steps school is taking in response to the situation and as far as possible we will keep school life as normal as possible. Please do talk to your children about the importance of hand washing, as this message is being reinforced in school - thank you. 


If you do have any questions please do contact school for more information.

Kind regards,

Lucy Sutton