This term in PE we have been developing our teamwork skills through different challenges.

Week 1: Yesterday, we were ‘Sheep and Shepherds’. The children’s challenge was to work together to help move the ‘sheep’ into a pen. To create further challenge, our ‘sheep’ were blindfolded and the ‘shepherd’ could not talk or touch the sheep. The group in the photo chose to use clapping as a way to guide their ‘sheep’ to the pen. What true determination, collaboration, creativity and support each of the children have shown during this task, we really are starting to develop super teamwork skills. I wonder what the next challenge will involve?

Week 2: Today the children were given the ‘Electric Fence’ challenge. Don’t panic, no real electricity was used in this challenge! The children had to talk as a team to decide how they would pass through the electric fences without touching them. Some very creative ways were thought of, including some action hero type moves - I think we have quite a few James Bonds in the making. 

Week 3: Hula Huts. In this week’s challenge the children had to work as a team to firstly collect hoops from the other side of the playground and then attempt to build a Hula Hut. This was no easy task and yet all the groups worked incredibly quickly and managed to create a version of the Hula Hut. The final task was to recreate the Hula Hut and then try to get someone in without touching any of the hoops. Well done to the wining team who successfully managed it!