Welcome Back!

Welcome back everyone! It has been so nice to see you all in person. Also, we have all survived our first full week back in school--well done to all. As you already know, we have 'hit the ground running' as we have a lot to cover. Many thanks to parents, in advance, for all you marvellous support…

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Years 3 & 4 Bible Stories

One of the challenges set for home learning in Years 3 & 4 was to retell the stories of Noah's Ark or Daniel and the Lions in an interesting way.

We've once again been blown away by the creative and fantastic ways in which families have responded to this task and wanted to share with you some…

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Fantastic, Thought-provoking Work

This week, one of our class produced a fantastic timeline about slavery as he wanted to learn about what happened hundreds of years ago and still, sadly, happens today. He was shocked to learn about how people were, and still are, treated differently because of their skin colour. His observation…

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'Blood' smoothies

This week, in science, we have been looking at blood. We have learned about what is in blood and about the different types of blood. At home, we had fun making 'blood' smoothies with different foods representing different things in blood. We used strawberries or raspberries, marshmallows,…

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This term our topic is Ancient Earth

This term we will be looking at Ancient Greece in history, the circulatory system in science and thinking about different views about God.

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Our new topic is Volcanoes. Here's some of the activities we've been doing this week.


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The Iron Man

During the final two weeks of this half-term we're listening to The Iron Man by Ted Hughes and linking our work to this brilliant story. Have a look at our photos to see some of things we've been doing.


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Hop, Skip and a Jump

The Infant Class have been working hard at home on our new topic 'Hop, Skip and a Jump'.

Our focus this half term is around the topic of animals - we have been exploring the story of the Gruffalo, learning about different types of farms and investigating how we can group and sort different…

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Reading Challenge

We had such a fantastic time on World Book Day we decided we wanted the fun to continue so set classes reading challenges with a difference, such as:

  • read whilst wearing something silly
  • read in an unusual place
  • read to your pet or teddy bear
  • read aloud in a funny voice
  • read a recipe…
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Amazing Robots

Wow! We are so amazed with how fantastically the children in Years 3 & 4 have risen to home learning! 

We set 'Robots' as a theme for the first three weeks and sent home ideas of things the children could do, all linked to a short film in English called 'Girl and Robot'. Lots of children have…

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Should we keep our new school robot?

Today's English challenge was...

Imagine when we return to school we have a new school robot.

Make a list of the things the robot could do better than humans in school can do. Make a second list of things humans in school could do better than a robot.

Persuade us to keep or get rid of…

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Alston Observatory

The children have had a fantastic morning at Alston Observatory. Amar and Simon, who are PHD and Doctorate students had the class so enthused about space that they used Google Moon as soon as we returned to school.

Amar gave a fantastic presentation about the start of the universe, how stars…

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