Designing Sukkahs

In Years 3 & 4 on Friday 22nd October we'll be designing and making our own model sukkahs as a final task in our RE lessons learning about the Jewish Sukkot. Children have been challenged to find a medium sized cereal /shoe box and some natural materials to decorate their sukkahs. They might also…

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Year 5/6 South Ribble Tag Rugby Tournament

What a way to kick start our team tournaments for 2021/2022 with a wet and windy rugby event! Having had a few years away from external tournaments, we were set ready to go. The children had been working hard over the last few weeks, practising their rugby skills and building up team spirit. We…

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Busy Bees on Spelling Shed

In year 3/4 we are working hard using Spelling Shed. This is new for us and is helping the children to practise and learn their spellings using games and challenges. The children love it! We can almost hear them “buzzing” whilst they use it, just like the bees in the games. 

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Investigating electrical circuits

In Year 3/4 today the children have been exploring what an electric circuit is and how to make one. To challenge their scientific minds, the children have been predicting if different drawings of circuits will make a bulb light up. The children had to think carefully about what they already knew…

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Bible Detectives

We have been finding our way around the Bible to see what it has to teach us about Harvest.

Our favourite passage as a class was from Genesis 8:22,

“As long as the earth continues,

There will be planting and harvest.

Cold and hot,

summer and winter,

Day and night

will not…

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Baby Poppy's Baptism

The infants celebrated a very special occasion in church today - Baby Poppy was baptised! 

Reverend Karen kindly came in to show us what happens during a baptism. Our Year 2 children acted as the parents and godparents, making promises to help guide Baby Poppy as part of God's family.

What a…

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What's the moral?


Our new school year has got off to a brilliant start and we have gelled together as a class amazingly. Everyone's working super hard and we're having lots of fun at the same time. One of our English topics is fables and so to get to know some of them, we worked in groups to act out some of…

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I’m a survivor!

On Wednesday we had a wonderful time. We spent the whole day outside learning team building skills at Forest school with Mrs Kearns and Miss Gill. We were given a challenge: to build a wash bowl stand and draining platform. The only materials we were give were 15 bamboo canes, string and a bowl;…

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It's Coming Home!

We've had a football-filled day of fun! From creating team posters to creating a collaborative picture, from finding facts about players in the Euros to playing football all afternoon, we've had a great time. After all that, there was only one way to finish the day and that was with a loud class…

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Infant Sports Afternoon - 7th July 2021

All the infants took part in all the races on thankfully a dry afternoon, including the egg and spoon race, the sack race and sprinting. They were all amazing! All the points won will be added together with the scores from the other classes and our Sports Day Team Champions 2021 will be announced…

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Being teenagers!

In PSHE we've been finding out about how our bodies start to change as we get older. Today we thought about how this might make us feel and talked about why teenagers are often described as being grumpy! We had great fun thinking of reasons why parents and teenagers might get upset with one…

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Walk Thru the Bible

We made it through thousands of years of Biblical history in chronological order. James came in to help us learn what happened and when it happened (the Bible is not written in chronological order). Over the course of 6 hours, we went from creation Christ’s birth at the beginning of the New…

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