Image of Tigers!

When Reception were exploring our outdoor area this morning, they found something quite surprising hiding in the blue play house - tigers!

They decided to take action and quickly built an enclosure to contain our visitors.

The tigers were very hungry and tried to nibble fingers when the…

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Bowland Wild Boar Park

Image of Bowland Wild Boar Park

The infants have had the best day at Bowland Wild Boar Park!

We learned lots about animals and their offspring - we were lucky enough to meet lots of adorable baby animals, including chicks and piglets. We went on an exciting wild boar walk, finding out about lots of different animals along the…

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Describing Turns with Bee-Bots

Image of Describing Turns with Bee-Bots

Year One have been learning about quarter, half, three quarter and full turns in their Maths lesson! 
They practised following instructions to make the Bee-Bots move, thinking carefully about how to complete each type of turn. 
Next, they gave each other instructions, and showed excellent…

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5/6 Lifecycles

Image of 5/6 Lifecycles

In our 5/6 science lessons we have been learning about lifecycles. We have been observing some caterpillars over the course of several weeks. When we got them they were about 1cm long. They grew so quickly, then turned into chrysalises. Our first butterfly emerged from its chrysalis today (we were…

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Y6 Post-SATs fun

Image of Y6 Post-SATs fun

After SATs, Year 6s had a bit of a treat for all their hard work. We make pizzas from scratch and enjoyed watching a film. Well done for all the super hard work Year 6s!

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Marble Run Race

Image of Marble Run Race

We have an exciting new resource in the Infants - a marble run! 
Reception were very excited to explore and follow the instructions to build it. They worked fabulously together to find the correct pieces and fit it all together. 
They used different coloured marbles starting in different…

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Pied Piper

Image of Pied Piper

This week in Y3/4 the children have been listening to, reading and discussing fairy tales. They made puppets and rehearsed in groups to retell the story of ‘The Pied Piper’. They gave each other positive and constructive feedback and focused on being respectful to others. The shows were fantastic…

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What will grow?

Image of What will grow?

This morning, the Reception discovered some small green seedlings growing in shallow mud underneath the trees. 
They were curious about what type of plant they might grow into!
They decided to help the seedlings to grow and thought about what they might need. They collected some plant pots,…

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Fantastic Fieldwork

Image of Fantastic Fieldwork

In their Geography lesson this week, the Infants have been thinking about natural habitats and why they are so special.

They carried out some fantastic fieldwork in our school grounds, sampling different areas and collecting data on the number of living things they could see within the…

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Good vibrations

Image of Good vibrations

Year 3/4 had fun this afternoon amplifying sound using plastic cups and string. They made a string telephone to explore how sounds travel over a distance. Some of them asked ‘what if’ questions and discovered the answers for themselves.

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A visit from Omar

Image of A visit from Omar

On Monday, we had a visit from Omar. He came to tell us about who Jesus was to him, as a Muslim. We learned lots of things. Muslims believe that Jesus was a prophet, but not the Son of God as Christians believe. They also believe that Jesus didn't die on the cross, but do believe (as Christians…

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Y3/4 Field Trip to Avenham Park

Image of Y3/4 Field Trip to Avenham Park

The Year 3/4 children had a fabulous morning at Avenham Park this week. They collected data through sketching, questioning and recording information on a tally chart. They worked hard to gather all the information they needed and showed our Christian value 'responsibility' throughout the morning.…

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