All things Scandinavian

It has been so great seeing everyone back in school! In Geography, we have been learning about the different Scandinavian countries (Norway, Sweden and Denmark). In order to find out a plethora of interesting facts, we had a scavenger hunt. Miss Webster hid fact cards outside; we had to find the…

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Welcome Back!

Welcome back everyone! It has been so nice to see you all in person. Also, we have all survived our first full week back in school--well done to all. As you already know, we have 'hit the ground running' as we have a lot to cover. Many thanks to parents, in advance, for all you marvellous support…

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Fantastic, Thought-provoking Work

This week, one of our class produced a fantastic timeline about slavery as he wanted to learn about what happened hundreds of years ago and still, sadly, happens today. He was shocked to learn about how people were, and still are, treated differently because of their skin colour. His observation…

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'Blood' smoothies

This week, in science, we have been looking at blood. We have learned about what is in blood and about the different types of blood. At home, we had fun making 'blood' smoothies with different foods representing different things in blood. We used strawberries or raspberries, marshmallows,…

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This term our topic is Ancient Earth

This term we will be looking at Ancient Greece in history, the circulatory system in science and thinking about different views about God.

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Alston Observatory

The children have had a fantastic morning at Alston Observatory. Amar and Simon, who are PHD and Doctorate students had the class so enthused about space that they used Google Moon as soon as we returned to school.

Amar gave a fantastic presentation about the start of the universe, how stars…

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Magistrates Workshop

The children were visited by three local Magistrates, who came to guide the children through our criminal justice system and what happens in a court room.  They gave a presentation about the work of a Magistrate - the children were shocked that Magistrates do not get paid for their service. This…

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D&T Day - Mayan Masks

To end a fantastic week of academic work and testing (SATs), our class had a great design and technology day creating Mayan Masks. The children researched and sketched their own designs; cut out a card template; stuck this to a balloon and then used Pop Bandages to create a hard plaster cast. Once…

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Year 6 SATs

Well done to all of our wonderful Year 6s. 

They have worked extremely hard in preparation for their SATs. Each and everyone of them has persevered with tricky questions, shown positive attitudes and remained calm under pressure.  We couldn't be prouder of them!

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World War I

This half-term Year 5/6 are learning all about World War I, through English, history and art/D&t.

In English they began by writing poems based on These I Have Loved... by Rupert Brooke, a soldier in World War I. The children thought about all the things we take for granted and used this to…

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