Fruits of the Spirit

In RE, Year 1 and 2 have been learning about the Fruits of the Holy Spirit as part of their Pentecost unit. 
They created their own tree artwork to represent the Fruits - love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness and self-control. 
We talked about why these gifts are so…

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Sharing into equal groups

This morning, the Year One children have been developing their division skills! They have been practicing sharing counters into equal groups of 2, 5 and 10. We found that some of the numbers could not be shared into certain numbers of groups, because there were some counters left over! 

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Fairy Post

We’ve had some very exciting news in Reception this week - some fairies are visiting our classroom!
They have left us a sparkly post box so we can write letters for them and every morning when we have checked, the letters have gone and all that is left is some fairy dust! 
We’ve used our…

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Our plant investigation

Our science topic this half term is plants! 
We have been planting seeds and bulbs and we are observing them closely to see how they change and grow over time. 
We also wanted to find the answer to the question ‘Do seeds need water to grow?’.

We planned an investigation and planted three sets…

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Enchanted Wood Potion Shop

The Reception children have been exploring our new role play area, linked to our Enchanted Wood topic.
In English, we have been reading a story about a curious cat who finds a spell book and accidentally turns his owner into a frog! We thought about the different ingredients he might have added…

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Comparing mass

The Reception children have been doing some fabulous maths this morning with our new balance scales! They compared the mass of different objects, using our new words “heavier” and “lighter”. Next, they accepted a very special challenge - can you find an object that is heavier than this rock? Can…

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Freestanding structures

We are exploring freestanding structures in our DT topic this half term. 
Our challenge this week was to create a bridge that could support the weight of a toy car, using just 8 pieces of A4 paper and sellotape. We had to think about how we could change the shape of the paper, for example by…

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Fossil hunting

Our new history topic is all about Mary Anning. We learned that she was a famous palaeontologist who made some incredible discoveries! We tried fossil hunting for ourselves and studied them with the magnifying glasses. We even used our dinosaur books to help us identify which dinosaurs we had…

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Finding the total

Year 2 have been working hard in Maths this week, adding together the prices of objects to find the total. They then had to find the correct coins and notes to pay for their items. 

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Fairy Tale Disaster

In Year 1 and 2 we have been reading the story ‘The Great Fairy Tale Disaster’. We will be writing our own innovated versions of the story and needed to gather ideas about what the Big Bad Wolf may do if he entered different fairy tales. We worked well in our groups, discussing our ideas and…

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The Big Bad Wolf

Reception have been exploring the stories of The Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood. They have particularly enjoyed pretending to be the scary Big Bad Wolf! Some of the children have been making wolf masks in the continuous provision to use in their role play - they worked so hard and…

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Family Forest School

What an amazing afternoon we have had for our family forest school!

We were very excited to show our families what we get up to at forest school - we made bird feeders to hang in the trees, built fantastic dens using natural materials and made a bug hotel for all of the creepy crawlies. We…

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