Y3/4 Field Trip to Avenham Park

Image of Y3/4 Field Trip to Avenham Park

The Year 3/4 children had a fabulous morning at Avenham Park this week. They collected data through sketching, questioning and recording information on a tally chart. They worked hard to gather all the information they needed and showed our Christian value 'responsibility' throughout the morning.…

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There will be Romeos and Juliets...

Image of There will be Romeos and Juliets...

In English, we are learning about the plot of Shakespeare's famous tragedy, Romeo and Juliet. We created actions for the different characters and then retold the plot through freeze frames. Take a look and see if you can guess which scenes we did.

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How can we clean our dirty water?

Image of How can we clean our dirty water?

As it’s Science Week, Y3/4 will be having extra science lessons this week. Today, we have been investigating the process of cleaning water and why clean water is so important to people.

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Forest Puppet Show

Image of Forest Puppet Show

The Reception children have been busy in our woodland role play area, telling stories with the animal puppets. 
We have been reading The Gruffalo this week, and they are sure that he is hiding somewhere close! 
The animals are feeling a bit frightened, so they have a campfire and toast…

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Reversible and Irreversible Changes

Image of Reversible and Irreversible Changes

In science we have been learning about properties of materials. As part of this we have looked at what a reversible change is (one where a material will return to its original state) and irreversible changes (one where the material will not return to its original state). We had lots of fun making…

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5/6 Maths lesson with our parents

Image of 5/6 Maths lesson with our parents

On Wednesday, we had a different Maths lesson. For starters, we were in the hall--which was great fun--and then we had our parents in with us too! The Year 5s were starting a new decimals unit and working on numbers with two decimal places and the Year 6s were finishing off a unit on algebra,…

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Whole School Indoor Athletics Day

The whole school took part in an indoor athletics competition today. The Y3/4 children worked together as a team with other members of their class in races in order to improve their understanding of a relay race. They worked hard and remembered our Christian values supporting each other to try…

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To see a situation from a character’s perspective.

Year 3/4 were getting into character this week by hot seating different people in our book ‘The Witches’. They prepared questions for each character, then took it in turns to pretend to be that character and answer the questions. Their answers were fantastic and they really started to understand…

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5\6 Dance lessons

Image of 5\6 Dance lessons

We have been learning a dance and are going to perform it for the rest of the school. It’s been lots of fun!


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Wheels and Axles

Image of Wheels and Axles

In DT, the Infants have been learning about wheels and axles! 

We spent time exploring different vehicles and objects that used wheels and axles, looking at how they fit together. We also looked at wheels and axles that did not work properly, and used our problem-solving skills to figure out…

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5/6 Fire service visit

Image of 5/6 Fire service visit

We had a visit from our local fire service, reminding us about fire safety at home. The told us to make sure we have a plan to escape just in case of a fire and to make sure we check our smoke alarms at home. We also learned about keeping safe on roads too.

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Image of It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Year 3/4 have been having so much fun this week creating Christmas decorations for our classroom. We have been learning about accuracy and precision and the importance of creativity during this busy time of year. 

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