Emerging Engineers

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This week in DT, we have been learning about two types of bridges: beam bridges and arch bridges. Creating each kind of bridge, we then tested them to see how much mass they could support. After this, we, then, used lamination and corrugation to see if this would change the mass a bridge could…

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A massive thank you!

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Ethos Council want to say a massive thank-you to everybody who was able to donate to our appeal for Ukrainian refugees, especially the children who have had to leave their homes. We were amazed by how many things were donated in less than 48 hours and want you to know that each and every item…

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Fair trade Fortnight

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For Fairtrade Fortnight, we have been taking part in lots of activities. We started this morning with a cake sale, which went down very well, and this afternoon we learned all about Fairtrade and what they aim to do. It was incredibly interesting and we realised how lucky we are in this country.

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Loving The Iron Man

Image of Loving The Iron Man

We have started a new story called The Iron Man by Ted Hughes and so far we are loving it! We have only read the first chapter but we have done lots of amazing partner work talking about the descriptions, looking for evidence and comparing the opening chapter to a poem. We can't wait to see what…

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Enchanted Wood Potion Shop

Image of Enchanted Wood Potion Shop

The Reception children have been exploring our new role play area, linked to our Enchanted Wood topic.
In English, we have been reading a story about a curious cat who finds a spell book and accidentally turns his owner into a frog! We thought about the different ingredients he might have added…

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PE Games

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In PE this term, the children have been exploring skills within invasion games. Our main focus has been football because we have a lot of football lovers in our school! The children have rounded off this unit with creating their own invasion games in teams. Each group had to apply their knowledge…

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Game making

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Our topic in PSHE this half-term is Valuing Differences. Today's lesson was all about respecting each other's thoughts and ideas. Our challenge was to work in small groups to design a brand new game, making sure we all respected one another by:

  • listening to each other
  • taking it in turns to…
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Shape Poetry

Image of Shape Poetry

In Year 3/4 this term we have been learning about shape poems. Here are examples of our own shape poems we have written and presented for a class poetry book. In our sessions we learnt how descriptive words and phrases are needed to make shape poetry interesting and we loved the challenge of…

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Comparing mass

The Reception children have been doing some fabulous maths this morning with our new balance scales! They compared the mass of different objects, using our new words “heavier” and “lighter”. Next, they accepted a very special challenge - can you find an object that is heavier than this rock? Can…

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Reading Champions!

Image of Reading Champions!

It was a huge privilege today to be able to give over 75% of KS2 a reading certificate for achieving 25%, 50% or in some cases 75% of their termly target! We're really impressed with how you're all doing and love hearing all about the latest books you've read. Our photos show just some of those…

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Sharing faiths

Image of Sharing faiths

We are very very lucky to have two experts in our class who are happy to talk to us about the Islam faith and on Friday they brought in some special items to share with the class. Each week as we learn a new Bible story, our experts tell us how it compares to a similar story in the Quran and we…

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Emerging Electrical Engineers

This week we have been learning about Edith Clark in Science. she was a pioneer in this field and was inducted into the engineering Hall of fame posthumously (after her death). She was instrumental in designing and building the Hoover Dam in The United States of America. We were inspired and…

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