The children have had a fantastic morning at Alston Observatory. Amar and Simon, who are PHD and Doctorate students had the class so enthused about space that they used Google Moon as soon as we returned to school.

Amar gave a fantastic presentation about the start of the universe, how stars and planets are formed and what happens when stars burn out. The children came up with some excellent question, which Amar said were the hardest he had ever been asked! The children listened well and really thought about what they were learning.

Simon then used Stellarium Astronomy Software to light up the domed roof to talk the children through some of the well known constellations. This was thoroughly enjoyed by the children, particularly as Simon explained the historical reasons for their names. 

We were then shown the different telescopes they have at the observatory, including the best teaching telescope in the UK: the children loved the fact that the astronomers can control this particular telescope using an xbox controller.

Why not have a look a the Stellarium Astronomy Software or Google Moon and see what the children have been learning about.