We continue to be super impressed with the way all the children in Years 3 and 4 have accessed their learning through February, whether they were joining us through live classes at home or were physically in the classroom. We want to say a massive well done to all the children and a big thank you to all parents and carers who are helping everything go so smoothly - we know it's not easy! We are thrilled with the recent news that everyone can come back into school on Monday 8th March and are looking forward to seeing everyone in person again.


We finished last half-term with a few special sessions, for example Internet Safety Day when we explored the theme of 'An Internet we can trust'. The children spent time finding out how to tell the difference between 'Fake news' and 'real news'. We also explored the importance of not sharing information about ourselves online. Following that, we explored Chinese New Year which saw us finding out more about this celebration, learning how to count to ten in Chinese and some of us even had a go at learning how to do multiplication using the Chinese method. We also had an eye-opening lesson exploring our half-termly value of justice in more detail. We were shocked to discover that not everyone in the world has a free choice in the religion they follow and we talked about the injustice of this. We learned about the life of Brother Andrew and how he risked his own life to take Bibles to people around the world who were not allowed them or could not get one. We found out about Open Doors which is an organisation set up to support Christians around the world who are persecuted for their religious beliefs. 


As well as our special sessions, we have also... 

  • finished our artwork based on Lowry and will be putting together an art gallery to display all the amazing work,
  • found out more about the story of David and learned that eventually he did become King. We had lots of debates about the rights and wrongs that happened during the story of David and Saul and we especially loved sharing our ideas on our class blog on Purple Mash,
  • found even more songs and dances to keep our minds and bodies active throughout the day,
  • started a research project into a desert of our own choice to finish our geography topic,
  • started our new Science topic, 'Sound' and began sharing our ideas of how we think we hear sound
  • continued to boost our fitness through our regular workout sessions in PE and began exploring how we combat defenders in invasion games.